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United Europe
Europe has manifested itself into a Europe of nations, far away from the interests and expectations of its citizens. As a result, decisions are the expression of diverse states and only serve the national interests.

However; is this Europe that we really want?

Was it not the hope of all of us to experience the day in becoming citizen of a United State of Europe?

Beginning 2012 it is possible to begin a European citizen initiative. Required are 7 people out of 7 countries, in attaining 1 million of signatures.

Let us enhance the thought of the European union into the consciousness of all our friends and jointly provoke a citizen initiative, with the goal that empowers a law to establish a specific timetable for the resolve of the individual member states in favor of the United States of Europe, a timetable that allows us to experience this transition within our time.

In the preparation of this “European citizens' action group” in the development of the United States of Europe, we invite you to the following Facebook Link and take active part in the open discussion: **facebook*/home.php?sk=group_181494891870492 rel= nofollow >*facebook*/home.php?s...p?sk=group_181494891870492 under the discussion forum Joining together, what together belongs

This initiative comes from citizens with no political party interests, nor any other interest groups, but rather constitute the citizens of diverse states, which the common goal to create the United States of Europe.

If you can identify yourself with this, and our concerns, and are in the mood to bring life, voice, and movement to this effort, we would like to invite you to join our group in structuring this initiative. All EU citizens are urged to participate.

We thank you for your time and consideration in this effort and look forward in hearing from you!

Respectfully yours

Your Team
Joining together, what together belongs

**facebook*/home.php?sk=group_181494891870492 rel= nofollow >*facebook*/home.php?s...p?sk=group_181494891870492

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