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A meaningful project from Mahmut Görgen on October 29
Arranger / Dj Mahmut Görgen announced on October 29th that he will donate the project’s digital income to the Mehmetic Foundation while meeting music lovers with his work “Ne Mutlu Türk’üm Diyene”.

Mahmut Görgen on the project; “It was a project that I worked on for a long time and put a lot of effort into. I’m proud to take it off on such a meaningful day. I would like to thank my family and team, our friends of the press and all music fans who were with me in the preparation process of the song. The digital proceeds of the song will go to the Mehmetic Foundation and I will have new surprises very soon,” he said.

Mahmut Görgen’s song ‘Ne Mutlu Türk’üm Diyene’, which he met with music lovers with Görgen production label, was shot in Istanbul. In the video, Mahmut Görgen was accompanied by one of the successful actors, Tuna Gürcoskun. Tuna Gürcoskun regarding the clip; “It is flattering to take part in such a meaningful project, may it be a gift to our ancestor,” he said. Mahmut Duran was in the director’s chair of the music video, which lasted 1 day. Director Mahmut Duran, who said that the filming was enjoyable; ‘The project was special and meaningful, we took it with great care,’ he said. The work on Youtube with the video clip was also presented to music lovers on all digital platforms

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