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Orient 300M Professional Diver Automatic El02003H Mens Watch: Pro-Saturation Tool For Urban Men
The Orient 300M Professional Diver Automatic EL02003H Mens Watch is the perfect watch to celebrate the start of 2016 summer. The pro-world knows it by the name of Orient Pro Saturation 300m Diver. A mammoth of a watch, but there’s more to it than just the slab of sapphire crystal or its designation as a professionally fit functional watch readied to meet the demands of saturation diving.

Those who are yet to find out what saturation diving is, let’s start by saying it’s different from SCUBA diving. It is not the recreational thing; saturation diving is more inclined towards fulfilling commercial purposes. The oil business makes full use of saturation diving, where the divers need to go down 200m or more, till no more gas can dissolve into the body tissues (saturation point). This is called gas saturation. Here, the only way out is decompressing that gas out. But anyway, we are here to talk about the watch and not the activity; it was told just to give you an idea of the kind of thing divers undergo. And their watches, too; which also need to be decompressed.

This, however, is not the case with the Orient 3 Stars EL02003H Mens Watch. Unlike other watches featuring the decompression feature (helium escape valve), the Pro-Saturation Diver doesn’t need one. It is overbuilt in stainless steel – there’s no way for helium gas to get in and it is shock proof at the same time. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal it comes with is 5mm thick, which is sufficient to handle water pressure from above and jus any kind of impact while on land.

The watch comes with a power reserve indicator and also a date function. There’s a chapter ring within that displays the minutes and the seconds. The lume one the hands and the hour markers is blindingly bright and the bezel goes 120 clicks with one complete rotation. It has quite an aggressive saw-tooth design around it to facilitate underwater gripping with gloved hands.

A stunning look that provides an extra pop on the wrist, the new-design EL02003H Pro Saturation Diver runs on Orient Automatic Perpetual Calendar Wathes own in-house caliber, the 40N5A, a 22-jewel, self/hand-winding, hackable (i.e. the seconds-hand can be stopped by pulling out the crown) movement. With a 40 hours power reserve (fully wound) and a 3Hz/ 21,600bph balance wheel, it competes against many of the more expensive, higher end watches.

Incredibly solid, it makes for more than just a tool Orient Automatic watch simply due to the reason that it fits into an urban lifestyle as easy as 1-2-3. Its extremely robust construction will make it last for generations and will keep it finely sealed against all adversities considered responsible for bringing damages to a watch’s internals.

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