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ITS Transport - Freight Transport Services in Australia
ITS Transport provides local and interstate freight transport services with freight pickup and delivery services through Australia.

ITS Transport is uniquely positioned because we offer everything you might possible look for in a Local freight transportation services.

1. “Intellitrac” GPS Satellite Navigation system – tells us where your goods are at any point of time.

2. “Honeywell” sign on glass palm pad pickup and delivery system - for real-time updates and fool-proof pickup and delivery authentication.

3. “Talcasoft” advanced software programme – for routing and route selection guaranteeing the quickest and most fuel efficient delivery solution.

4. “Consistently Quicker” advanced driver training programme – helps drivers tackle metro traffic gridlocks and how to deal and escape potential delays.

5. “Effective Fleet Management” assures well maintained new, or near new vehicles with online booking and online POD’s (proof of delivery) – customer service at its very best.

6. Very competitive rates – consistently offering best in the industry rates.

Whether you require our transport service for business, transporting personal cargo, government work or interstate freight services, we understand the three most important things you need – deliver undamaged, on or ahead of time and for a fee that makes sense to you.

ITS Transport is totally pro-customer. Our entire approach, quality and type of transport vehicles we invest in, technology we adopt and manpower investments we make; are all channelled towards delivering on our customer’s basic requirements of safety, speed and cost - all greased with ample amounts service oiled with courtesy. In fact, we are so confident of our quality and ability to deliver on schedule and safely too, that we are one of the very very few to offer a money back guarantee.

No cargo is too big or too small. ITS Transport has invested in transport vehicles of all sizes ranging from delivery vans to multi-axel behemoths. We will gladly delivery anything from a few boxes to entire truckloads of materials – even animals! Just call us – we won’t say “no”.

No location is too near or too far. ITS Transport will deliver anywhere in Australia that has a motorable road. Within the city or all the way across Australia - have road, will deliver. With our “Intellitrac” GPS satellite navigation, our drivers will never get lost be it beyond the black stump or in the often bewildering streets in a crowded city centre.

ITS Transport offers best in the class Freight Transport.

ITS Transport’s intrastate freight services ships freight via roadway and rail. We ship from few pallets to fully loaded semi-trailers. We have a passion for being careful and so we treat our customer’s goods with care and caution. Thanks to our advanced level of automation, everything is quickly and efficiently documented in digital form which in turn makes tracking easy.

ITS Transport has the personnel, offices and resources to maintain a vast network across entire Australia and we are proud to offer services that include vehicle transport, machinery transport, door to door freight and our own unique ‘Daily East-West Quick Pickup’.

Allow yourself to be surprised by ITS Transport – call us once (1800 989 363) and we guarantee you won’t want to deal with any road freight transport other than ITS Transport. Check out our parcel freight services now.

Contact Details

ITS Transport

Postal Address: Unit 2, 1-3 Whyalla Place, Prestons, NSW 2171
Phone: 02 8783 0080
Phone: 1800 989 363
Email: Operations@itstransport*.au

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